Antara at Ratnagiri for India's first solo circumnavigator Dilip Donde

Sail in India with Dilip Donde: India’s first solo circumnavigator.

You have heard his stories and read his book. Now you can live the same adventure! 

Sail on Antara, with Dilip as Skipper, anytime you want, anywhere, around the world.

Sign up today for the sailing adventure of a lifetime. Choose from a range of options to sail on Antara:

  • Spend the day, or part of it, sailing with us 
  • Sail along the coast
  • Sail to Lakshwadeep or the Andamans or Mauritius or anywhere off the coast of India
  • Customise a sail just for yourself

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* Day sails can take up to 8 guests

* All other sail options can take upto 4 guests


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